Brandenburg’s cdu leader: elections will drive groko-aus forward

Brandenburg's cdu leader: elections will drive groko-aus forward

Brandenburg CDU leader ingo senftleben does not expect the grand coalition in berlin to be in office much longer.

He believes "that the state elections in the east will accelerate the disintegration of the groko," he told "tagesspiegel am sonntag". He cited the SPD’s situation as the reason: "there’s a vacancy at the top of the party, and there’s no scramble to fill it." With poor results in the state elections on 1. September in saxony and brandenburg further discussions broke out among social democrats. In thuringia, the 27th. October election of a new parliament.

The acting head of the SPD parliamentary group rolf mutzenich, on the other hand, sees the grand coalition as far from being at an end. The CDU/CSU and SPD still had enough points in the coalition agreement that needed to be worked on, he told the "rheinische post" (saturday) – such as the climate protection plan, the basic pension and the digitalization of the world of work. He would be happy to continue in government with the social democrats: "the role of an opposition member is not mine at all."

The candidate for the party chairmanship, karl lauterbach, is meeting a mood in the SPD with his arguments against the coalition, mutzenich conceded. "But there are also other views. I have to free myself from moods. I want to make the SPD more self-confident again," he said. Lauterbach had made no secret of the fact that he considered the SPD’s participation in government to be a virtual failure in many areas, and called for the SPD to leave the grand coalition.

Alexander ahrens, the mayor of bautzen who is running for the SPD presidency, also wants to leave the rough coalition at the federal level. "You can’t even discuss beyond the limits of the coalition agreement," "MDR aktuell" quoted him on saturday. Therefore, if he is elected party leader, he will recommend to the base that they leave the coalition with the union. The SPD politician had announced his candidacy for the party presidency on friday together with flensburg mayor simone lange.

Until the 1. September candidates can still apply to succeed party leader andrea nahles who has resigned. The candidacies of michael roth, minister of state for europe, and christina kampmann, former minister of family affairs for north rhine-westphalia, as well as karl lauterbach and nina scheer, members of the bundestag, have been made public so far. The chairmanship is then to be filled after a member survey at a party conference in early december.

In a federal election next sunday, the afd would get the most votes in eastern germany, according to a new poll. According to the emnid sunday poll for "bild am sonntag," the CDU is ahead by one percentage point at 23 percent. This is followed by the left (14 percent), the greens (13 percent), the SPD (11 percent) and the FDP (7 percent). In the west, the picture is completely different: here, CDU/CSU are ahead with 27 percent. The greens got 25 percent, the SPD got 13 percent, and the afd was only fourth with 12 percent – ahead of the FDP (9 percent) and the left (7 percent).

Nationwide, the afd is at 14 percent according to the survey. The social democrats came in at 13 percent, the CDU/CSU at 26 percent, the greens at 23, the FDP at 9, the left at 8 percent.

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