Bol trio facing a relaxed round of matches

Bol trio facing a relaxed round of matches

In the shadow of spvgg ebing (nine games, nine wins), which is plowing through the league, three teams from the district have made themselves comfortable in the more or less secure midfield of the women's upper district league and can approach the second half of the season relatively relaxed. Only TSG 05 bamberg still has to tremble about staying in the league.

TSG still needs points

In less than two weeks, the ten upper district league teams will get serious again, with the 10. Matchday opens the second half of the season. TSG 05 bamberg, in particular, must look to the back of the pack. The promoted team has scored ten points so far and has built up a cushion of six points to the relegation places.

But right at the start, the newcomer has the chance to make a decisive breakaway. "We have two very important games in oberpreuschwitz and against eintracht bayreuth ahead of us. If we win these encounters, things will look very good," is how, explains head of the initiative matthias hofmann. In the first half of the season, TSG won 2-0 against the last two teams in the league. The third win came against TSV himmelkron, which was also placed behind the bambergers. "Our goal is, of course, to stay in the league, and in the summer we were joined by a number of young players from our landesliga U17 team who will certainly strengthen us, says hofmann.

Already during the winter break, coach marco schaller buried three newcomers in the team: alyin dehniger (SVG gottingen), chiara hess (SV altenbuch) and sandra tubonjic (SV frensdorf II) are to strengthen the offensive department of the seventh-placed team in the table, which is too harmless with eleven goals.

DJK teuchatz on course

DJK teuchatz has three more players on its account. After initial difficulties, the team, which was promoted to the top of the league, took a big step out of the bottom of the table with two home victories before the winter break against FC eintracht munchberg (4:2 after a 0:2 deficit) and TSG bamberg (6:1) and will enter the rest of the season in fifth place. "We want to maintain this position and, if possible, also attack fourth place. We scored a few points in the first half of the season and had nothing more to do with relegation. Nevertheless, it is a matter for us to let no schlendrian return", ralf amschler explains the newcomer's ambitions for the rest of the season.

Teuchatzer's squad is relatively small in terms of personnel, with only tanja ubelacker (vfb regensburg) adding to the relatively broad squad. In the opening match at second-placed SV reitsch, the stakes may have been too high, but after that there are three games against the league's bottom team on the schedule, which only allows DJK to play two more matches on home soil out of seven away games. "We don't know why the plan was laid out this way, but it's not an advantage. Nevertheless, we want to win at least as many points as in the preliminary round and get back the points we lost in games like the 1:1 against oberpreuschwitz", says the coach who came in the summer.

SV wernsdorf wants to remain stable

In the second year after promotion, SV wernsdorf has been able to establish itself further; at the winter break, markus wende's team is in fourth place. "Last year we had to see where we stand in the BOL, this year the target was already different. We want to finish among the top five and are well on the way to doing so", according to the 35-year-old coach, who has the 18-year-old tyra dione brown (13 goals) in his ranks as the second-best goal scorer in the league. The direct duels in ebing (1:3) and reitsch (3:5) showed that it is not yet enough for the top.

Compared to the rest of the competitors, the SVW can and wants to continue to play a good role. "We definitely want to hold on to fourth place and, if possible, challenge the top teams. But the most important thing is that we do our homework and beat the opponents behind us", says wende, who will be able to bury two long-term injured players, svenja meixner and nadine gath, back in the squad for the remaining games.

Because of its home strength, wernsdorf could well be the tipping point in the fight for promotion in the second half of the season, while the two top favorites, ebing and reitsch, both have to play the fourth-placed team in the table.

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