Black-green in hesse presses for speed in negotiations

black-green in hesse presses for speed in negotiations

"It is a new beginning for hesse in a political constellation that has never existed before," said CDU chairman and minister president volker bouffier at the first round of negotiations in wiesbaden. On 18. January sees the first meeting of the newly elected hessian state parliament.

The chairman of the green party, tarek al-wazir, defended the coalition pledge to the union, for which he is criticized by the SPD, the left-wing party, but also by parts of his own base. There had been a choice between a CDU/SPD coalition, which had changed nothing, and green government participation to achieve at least some goals. Whether the black-green coalition in hesse is a historical breakthrough will only be seen later. "There have already been historic failures," said al-wazir. "Neither of us has any plans to do that."

Bouffier entered the negotiations with his party deputy franz josef jung, outgoing parliamentary party leader christean wagner and several ministers. In addition to al-wazir and his co-land chairwoman kordula schulz-asche, the gruns include several deputies and local politicians. The main negotiating groups each pay eight members.

Bouffier said that the target date for the final agreement was 16 december./17. December. On 21. Committees to decide on the result in december. In the CDU, the state committee (small party conference) meets; in the greens, the decision is made by a state members’ meeting. At a party council meeting of the grunen on saturday, al-wazir had achieved a clear majority for a pledge of alliance with the CDU.

The issues are to be negotiated in eight working groups corresponding to the hessian ministries, as al-wazir said. The ags are to get to work this tuesday. Frankfurt airport will be negotiated in the economic and traffic working group.

In the conflict between the expansion of the airport and the protection of larvae, the CDU and the greens want longer breaks for larvae. The number of flights is to be capped. Airport operator fraport is to review the necessity of the planned third terminal. The opponents of air traffic control in the rhine-main region nevertheless announced further protests. The plans fall short of what is necessary, said the alliance of citizens’ initiatives.

The left criticized that the greens were heading for lazy compromises with the hesse CDU, "the most right-wing CDU state association in germany. At the same time, they rejected accusations that a possible red-green-red coalition had failed because of the left-wing. Rather, the SPD and grunen lacked the courage and will for a change in policy.

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