Big fish in the drug scene went into the net

A big fish in the drug scene was caught by officers of the schweinfurt criminal police on 14. November last year into the net. They arrested a 20-year-old drug dealer in habfurt in the apartment of his life danger.

According to the prosecution, the adolescent had committed a crime between the ages of 12 and 18. January 2018 until his arrest in november in 14 cases, he bought around 15 kilograms of marijuana, in some cases together with an accomplice, and sold it on to consumers in the district of habberge and schweinfurt. According to the indictment, the 20-year-old also bought more than 2.5 kilograms of cocaine, most of which he used for his own consumption, as well as 600 grams of hashish and 200 grams of amphetamine.

Now the dealer had to stand trial at the juvenile court of the bamberg district court, which sentenced him to three years in prison under juvenile law. At the same time the court ordered the placement in a detention center. The accused essentially admitted the charges in court. Until his arrest, he had consumed two to three grams of cocaine a day, as well as one to two grams of "weed" smoked hashish during the day and occasionally.

According to the investigating police officer, the accused was found out through a different procedure. During a telephone surveillance of another suspect, the name of the accused was given as dealer. A monitoring of the defendant’s cell phone led him over the edge. His main supplier was a dealer from fulda, who has since died. The accused had given him 30,000 euros in cash, for which the supplier from fulda was to deliver five kilograms of marijuana. However, due to the death of the supplier, this did not happen, so that the money was lost.

The arrest, according to the police officer, was an embarrassing moment for the defendant, as his life companion was completely surprised by the police action, as she probably did not know about the narcotics business of her friend. The arrested man confessed immediately and gave the names of the people behind him and those who took the drugs, said the police officer on the witness stand. However, drugs had not been found either in the girlfriend’s apartment or in the apartment of the defendant, who was still living with his parents in a village in the main valley at the time. During the arrest, the accused’s car was confiscated, as well as almost 500 euros in cash, a navigation system and a cell phone.

According to the juvenile court assistant franz heinrich, the defendant comes from a healthy family and social environment. He has completed an education. He had consumed drugs out of euphoria, according to the motto: "what’s the world coming to?!" The defendant had been able to live on rough fub through the drug trade. He consumed 2500 to 3000 euros of cocaine per month and spent money on expensive vacations, clothes and other things. He had told his parents about his wealth with an "additional income" explains. He had smoked cannabis for the first time at the age of twelve and then switched to harder drugs, including cocaine and speed.

A psychiatrist attested to the 20-year-old’s psychological dependence on cocaine and amphetamines, as well as his narcissistic personality structure. The defendant believes to be unique. He had a high sense of entitlement and a lack of empathy – typical characteristics of excessive cocaine consumption. The defendant’s ability to control his actions was impaired, his culpability was limited, but his ability to reason was present. The psychiatrist considered a two-year therapy as necessary.

The prosecutor waived the "confiscation of valuables". As a result, the defendant will not have to face recourse claims in the amount of 50,000 to 80,000 euros after serving the prison sentence. This leniency on the part of the prosecution is based primarily on section 31 of the narcotics act, which provides the defendant with significant mitigating circumstances if he names names of backers (leniency provision). In her plea, the prosecutor therefore demanded only a lenient three years’ imprisonment plus placement in a detention center, which the court accepted.

Judge markus reznik told the convicted man that he had been lucky in three respects: firstly, he was still an adolescent, secondly, the psychiatrist had certified his reduced culpability and thirdly, he had "let his pants down with the police", so that already an accomplice could be sentenced to several years of imprisonment. Another suspect is to be tried in the near future. The verdict is already in force.

In conclusion, defense attorney christian merkel asked, for understandable reasons, that his client not be sent to the same deprivation of liberty facility as the convicted accomplice. The 20-year-old is not likely to get rid of the fear of revenge anytime soon.

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