B470 residents in mailach satisfied: “traffic jams halved”

The mailach through road has been reopened for a few days – now well over 10,000 trucks and cars are passing through the town every day again. Residents on the B 470 breathe a sigh of relief nevertheless. "The traffic noise has been cut in half", schwarmt georg stirnweib.

The state construction office nurnberg had the road surface renewed and the manhole covers adjusted. The residents along the busy federal highway are convinced of the result. "A noticeable difference, it has become much quieter", notes martin ochs, whose property is located on the federal highway, as is georg stirnweib’s. When a car drives by now, he thinks it’s an electric car.

For son matthias, the tire noise is "significantly quieter" become. The removal of the potholes and the sunken manhole covers is also having a positive effect. Stirnweib can now even tilt his pantry window again: "before, we had the feeling that the trucks were driving through the house."

Stefan grotsch, head of the road construction department at the state building authority, explains the secret of the quieter roadway: "we used very high-quality parts for the mailach through road." The new pavement is a "dark layer pavement in heibeinbau", only one and a half to two centimeters thick. Normal wearing course is four centimeters. The binder course underneath is also of higher quality.

The darker surface is quieter because a smaller grain is used for it, says grotsch. It also does not contain any cavities and therefore loses "hardly any of its armor-reducing properties" over the years. Experts believe that the new pavement will last 12 to 15 years.

For the state building authority, this type of roadway rehabilitation is also active larm protection. At around 50 euros per square meter of road surface, the cost is 20 percent higher than for a normal pavement.

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