After-school care grows to 125 children

The after-school care center in volkach, housed in the monastery st. Maria in the rooms of the girls’ secondary school, continues to grow.

Two years ago, the city recognized a need for 115 places, but due to the current rough demand, this number will grow to 125 as of the coming school year. But the city council had to decide on the recognition of the increased need, which was done unanimously after a short debate.

"The after-school care center is a splendid facility," said mayor peter kornell in praise of the center at the meeting on monday evening, "the fact that it exists is a blessing, the staff is very well trained in education and does a really great job."

The enormous advantage over the open all-day school at the high school and middle school is that the after-school care center is also open during the vacations, with the exception of three weeks during the summer vacation and a few other days each year. During the school season, the children up to 16.30 h cared for (fridays until 16 h), and in the vacations the after-school care opens at 7 h.30 o’clock.

Works well

From its foundation in 1987 until august 2012, the target group of the after-school care center was school children from the first to the ninth grade, and it started with 30 children and four educators. As of august 2012, when the middle school’s after-school care center began its work, only elementary school children attended the after-school care center.

The children go to the after-school care center on their own, "and that works out quite well," says the mayor, "it’s nice to see the little ones out and about like this.

In the after-school care center, the children not only have a tasty meal from the monastery kitchen and homework to do, but they also have to do their homework. Instead, the eleven-headed team led by inka bauerlein offers a package of activities for the children, and the girls’ secondary school facility is available for romping and playing. The after-school care center is networked with the elementary school and the girls’ secondary school, the youth welfare office, school psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, as well as the bookstore and the swimming pool.

Depending on the type of booking, the almost year-round care costs between 71 and 145 euros a month, 35 to 85 euros without lunch. "For this," said the mayor, "the parents and the children get a performance worth the money thanks to the pedagogically trained team."

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