A totally bewitching world record

A totally bewitching world record

Mainfrankenpark how good it is that it is carnival time. The witch’s costume is certainly already within reach. That’s exactly what fans of the classic children’s book "the little witch" will need when they go to the festival on sunday, 28th sunday. January, at the film premiere in the cineworld in the mainfrankenpark want to be present. With a little luck, you will not only see the magical real film adaptation, but also become part of a new world record. Cineworld press spokeswoman ingrid weigert reveals exactly what this is all about in an interview.

Question: you want to meet on 28. Set a new world record in january. How do you have to imagine?

Ingrid weigert: yes, cineworld in mainfrankenpark wants to set the world record for "the grossest film preview in witch disguise at different venues" together with quite a few german cinemas. In addition, we offer a colorful program in the foyer, where you can have your face painted and dressed up. Witch hats and brooms are also made. The record will be reset, not broken. We hope to see as many visitors in disguise as possible. It’s sure to be a megaspab!

What are the rules? What the visitor must be aware of in any case?

Ingrid weigert: all visitors – young and old – who come to the preview dressed as a witch or wizard take part in the world record attempt. It doesn’t matter if they can do magic or not. The main thing is that they are equipped with a typical witch headgear (z.B. Witch or wizard hat, headscarf etc.), witch-face (z.B. Make-up, witch nose, wart etc.) and magic tool (z.B. Magic wand, witch’s broom, magic book, etc.) dressed up. Of course, the more people there are in costume, the more colorful and impressive the world record will be.

The little witch has fascinated for 60 years. What makes them so special?

Ingrid refuses: the little witch is only 127 years old and, along with the robber hotzenplotz, the most popular children’s book character by author ottfried preubler. While "hotzenplotz the robber", "the little ghost" or even the tale of the schoolmaster’s apprentice "krabat" have been successfully adapted for the big screen, there has been no german live-action film of the little witch so far.

For a long time, its creator otfried preubler did not want "the little witch" to be made into a film, as he had invented it for his children to take away their fear of wicked witches.

Too crude was his concern that a film could not do justice to the spirit of the book and the character of the little witch.

"The little witch"

World record attempt: the preview of the film "the little witch" is on sunday, 28. January, at 14.30 o’clock in the cineworld in the mainfrankenpark to see. In the foyer, from 1 to 3 p.M., cinema guests can have their makeup and costumes applied, and make witch hats and brooms.

Content: the little witch (karoline herfurth) has a big problem: she is only 127 years old and thus much too young to dance with the other witches on walpurgis night on blocksberg. That’s why she sneaks into the most important of all witch festivals – and is immediately caught! As punishment, she has to learn all 7892 spells from the rough magic book by heart within a year. But hard work and ambition are not her strong points. On top of that, the bose witch rumpumpel (suzanne von borsody) tries by all means to prevent the little witch from achieving her crude goal. Together with her talking raven abraxas (voice: axel prahl), the little witch wants to find out what makes a good witch. And so she puts the entire witch world to the test…

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