A somewhat different sandkerwa

A somewhat different sandkerwa

First, things don’t happen as you think: as we all know, covid-19 also killed off the bamberger sandkerwa, which was originally planned for the 20th anniversary of the festival. To 24. August 2020 planned 70. Anniversary edition of the traditional event had to be cancelled. It should now from 19. Until 23. August 2021 to be made up.

The people of bamberg do not have to do without their beloved folk festival, at least not visually. Like the co-hosting burgerverein 4. The current kerwa motif has now been redesigned by designer willibald mertl (and decorated with a "barrier ribbon") and, as always, you can purchase festival badges, posters and postcards, as well as a mouth-nose protector tailored to the sandkerwa. A showcase at kontor 4 displays these items, which are also sold at papeterie im sand, obere sandstrabe 14. "The people of bamberg can show a bit of solidarity with their sandkerwa, and of course they also support our efforts materially", says volker hoffmann, committee member at BV 4. District.

Meanwhile, the burgerverein is inviting guests to its annual general meeting on 21 june. July at 19.30 o’clock in the haas-salen a. Also this, initially for the 24. Marz planned, event had fallen victim to the coronavirus. "There are no board elections coming up, but in the IV. District there were and are many changes, among other things in the sand area and michaelsberg/st.Faithful or sutte", reports the first chairwoman barbara kropf. GP

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